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Love Where You Live

With residents from across the globe, Tandem Properties is not just selling apartments; they’re selling a unique lifestyle. We helped them tell that story.

Delivering the Davis Lifestyle

We used custom photography and illustrations to tell the story of Davis’s unique culture and landscape.

Telling a Story Without Saying a Word

We knew that when Tandem’s customers searched for a new home, photos and videos communicated better than any words could.

Find Your New Home

Through some clever API work and UI/UX planning, we reimagined a carefully crafted and highly functional apartment search experience.

Functional & Fun

UC Davis draws a large international contingent of students. It was important to us to serve as an interactive resource, orienting them to the city and its neighborhoods.

Building Cohesion & Systems for a Path Forward

Tandem needed a strong identity system and robust brand guidelines to support cohesive marketing of its complete family of properties.

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