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Elevating a Delicious Brand

Taking a promising restaurant to the next level with a cohesive and sophisticated brand.

Delivering a Dining Experience

Every detail counts; when you walk in the door, on the plate and on the menu.

One Mark to Bring it All Together

History, Fish, Wood, People, Finesse, Strength

Function and Form

Restaurants need to do two things: make you hungry and book reservations. The cherry on top is when the menu is always current and accessible.

Beautiful Details

In crafting a high-end experience, sophistication and moments of delight come together to create indelible memories.

A Cohesive Design & Food Experience

Called in at at the early planning stage, we were able to seamlessly integrate the logo, textures and palette of the brand throughout the entire dining experience.

Position Interactive took the look and feel of Kru further than I could have imagined. They are to the design business what I strive to be in the restaurant industry: respected for unparalleled quality and creativity. Billy Ngo Head Chef / Partner,

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