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A Hub for the Heart of Our City

We helped the Downtown Sacramento Partnership build a new brand and website to represent the delicious and vibrant lifestyle of a city on the rise.

A Vibrant City Deserves a Dynamic Logo

How do you represent a city, grid, skyline, river, nightlife and the rhythmic heartbeat of a city in a logo? We did it.

Give Them What They Want

Visitors are empowered with focused, active navigation and a clever shortcuts dropdown.

Whatcha Wanna Do
This Weekend?

Through a unique blend of custom posts and API calls, hosts the definitive calendar of events happening downtown.

Explore Unique Content and Insider Tips

Downtown Sac is in the enviable position of playing an integral role in the lifeblood of the city. We leveraged this expertise and insider knowledge to create unique, curated experiences found only on

Position Interactive has been a reliable partner for years. When It came time to launch a new brand and consumer focused website, there's nobody I would have rather worked with. Lisa Martinez Director of Project Management,
Downtown Sacramento Partnership (2015)

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