From the Ground Up

We collaborated with Reynen & Bardis Homes to bring their newest home development to life with a brand package, complete with logo, illustrations, photos, video, brochure and signage.


A New Brand for a Historical Location

We were delighted when we discovered that The Grounds is located at the original California State Fairgrounds site. We pulled in unique visual elements from original fair signage to ground the design in historical context.

Delivering a Lifestyle

From the start we knew we weren’t selling homes, we were selling a lifestyle and a neighborhood. Custom photography and video snippets told a compelling story, beyond what any floorplan can communicate.


Rich Storytelling

The website is most commonly a buyer’s first impression. We crafted a visually immersive site that is also informative.


Custom Illustrations for Custom Homes

Looking out at the landscape of home builder websites, we knew we wanted to elevate The Grounds with something extra. Custom illustrations bring that edge and character that complete the story and reflect a home that has something special.


Beautiful & Branded Take-Aways

We envisioned and produced an expansive brochure to tell the complete lifestyle story. Home buyers were also welcomed with branded gift baskets to round out the experience and solidify a sense of belonging.


"The team helped elevate our home community to set it apart from the competition and truly contributed to making it award-winning! From the first presentation of logo concepts to the final launch of the website, every step and detail was strategically thought out and beautifully executed."

Katherine Bardis
Reynen & Bardis Homes