Our Values

Collective Wisdom

We act decisively even when the path forward is murky

We seek to understand why a problem exists, and are not satisfied with a superficial fix

As problem solvers, we maintain a clear understanding of what we are trying to accomplish at all times

We believe long-term thinking benefits our clients and our business


We listen first, then react

We are practiced at keeping our cool in stressful situations

We learn from our mistakes and discuss them openly

We provide fair and honest feedback to colleagues and clients, and we expect them to do the same

Spirit of Inquiry

We are constantly hungry to learn more

We thrive among diverse perspectives and opinions


We are comfortable challenging the status quo

We uncover fresh perspectives on issues in order to solve complicated problems

We ask hard questions in order to arrive at the best solution


We are respected for our excellence

We are successful when our clients are successful

We celebrate doggedness and optimism

We believe humility and confidence are complementary


We put the company’s goals before our personal goals

We look for good ideas everywhere, regardless of origin

We make time for professional growth for ourselves and our colleagues

We communicate transparently and proactively

We show respect for our colleagues through our professionalism and quest for excellence

We maintain collegiality in the face of disagreement


We believe in work-life balance

We don’t take ourselves too seriously